Many people today are concerned about the impact of flying on the environment.  If you are too, you might want to offset the carbon footprint from your flight.  Although most of us can’t just go out and plant a lot of trees, there are many websites that offer to offset the CO2 for you. But beware – not all carbon offsetters are equal!  It’s worth checking out which ones do the best job.

A colleague recommended atmosfair to us.  It is reputable, not for profit, and prices the carbon realistically (many sites offer unrealistically low prices).  Here’s how it works:

  • You can use the atmosfair calculator to check the amount of CO2 emissions your flight will create
  • Based on this, their website suggests a voluntary contribution to protect the environment
  • atmosfair then uses the payments for projects that are building renewable energy sources, mainly in developing countries where they hardly exist so far
  • Your donation therefore saves the CO₂ that would otherwise be created by fossil fuels in these countries
  • Local people gain jobs and 24/7 clean energy from these projects, and this in turn supports education and more equal opportunities.

Carbon offsetting like this is a simple way to make a big difference! Click here to visit atmosfair’s website.