Here are some ideas if you want to plan in advance the spending money you might need while visiting Morocco.

Guests sometimes ask us how much spending money they should bring with them on their tour, which is a difficult question to answer!  Of course, it very much depends on the type of restaurant where you would like to dine, whether you want to purchase gifts or items for yourselves to take home, or whether you want to visit an expensive spa or a cheap traditional hammam, and so on.  

But here are some ideas about the basic things you should account for.

  • Lunches – at Sahara Atlas Tours we do not include lunches in our price quotes.  We usually take guests to nice, smaller restaurants with traditional Moroccan cuisine – we definitely avoid the larger places designed for coach parties!  Allow around 12€ per person for lunch
  • Heritage sites – in the major cities and also on your travels in the mountains and desert, you may want to visit heritage sites.  The usual fee is between 50 Dirhams (about 5€) and 70 Dirhams (about 7€) per person. At many sites, you can hire a guide if you want to, the price for this is negotiable with the guide.
  • More expensive sites to visit – there are some particular sites which cost a bit more to visit.  One is the famous Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech, where there is also a Berber Museum and the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, these are a bit more expensive.  Admission prices and opening times for these (individual sites or a combined ticket) can be found here.  It is worth buying your e-tickets in advance or visiting the sites in the afternoon in order to avoid long queues.
  • Another more expensive site is the Great Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca. The interior of the Great Mosque can be visited only on a guided tour, 2020 prices are 130Dh/approx. 12€ per person for the mosque only, 140Dh/approx. 13€ for the mosque + museum. (See our special Travel Tip on visiting the mosque, rules, and dress code here).

There are no fees for travelling through national parks in Morocco, so you don’t need any money for that.

We include the best heritage sites in all our itineraries, but your Sahara Atlas Tours driver-guide will be following your preferences as to if and where you want to stop.  Not everyone is interested in museums or gardens or Barbary apes, and you aren’t obliged to visit anything you don’t want to!  Feel free to let us know in advance or discuss the options with your driver-guide en route.

Regarding the ‘proper price’ for items such as carpets, leather goods, lamps etc., it’s a good idea to Google “how much is [item] in Morocco” for up-to-date advice and guidance available on various websites and forums.  (Please note that Sahara Atlas Tours will NEVER take you to shops unless you specifically ask your driver-guide to do so.)