Individual drone use is strictly prohibited in Morocco, and any drones arriving in the country will be confiscated by the authorities. 

You’re coming to Morocco, to a country of stunning and diverse landscapes – from rolling green hills to 4000m peaks of the High Atlas mountains, from the golden dunes of the Sahara to the endless beaches of the Atlantic coast.  Imagine what great photos and videos you could take with a drone!  Sadly, though, you will not be able to bring one with you…

Since February 2015, it has been illegal for individuals to possess or operate a drone in Morocco.  (Companies may be able to obtain permits to use drones, but this is a complicated process, and Sahara Atlas Tours cannot assist you with it.)  The government introduced this legislation for security reasons, and it is strictly applied.  Your luggage has to go through a scanner at customs on arrival, and any drone will be confiscated by the authorities.  You may also be fined up to around 110€ for trying to bring it in to the country.  We therefore strongly advise you to leave your drone at home.

You still have your regular camera, and Sahara Atlas Tours driver-guides know all the best places for photo opportunities.  They are also totally flexible en route, and will stop for you to take pictures wherever you want – just say the word!  And after all, the very best images are the ones you store in your mind and heart – a journey with Sahara Atlas Tours will give you plenty of these!