One of the things we all want to do on holiday is keep in touch with family and friends at home.  Here’s how to do it easily and cheaply.

First of all, almost all hotels in Morocco offer free WiFi access.  This includes desert camps in the Sahara!  So make sure you have WhatsApp, Viber, or another free internet communication app on your phone.

Another useful thing to download onto your phone before you go is an internet-free maps app (such as that works using the GPS on your phone, but doesn’t need an internet connection.  This is invaluable for getting around the big cities when you’re not with a guide.

It’s very expensive in Morocco to use international roaming on your mobile phone for calls, text messages, and data.  But it’s easy to keep in touch with family and friends much more easily if you have an unlocked phone and can change the SIM card.  SIM cards are very cheap to buy (around 1€) in Morocco from the two main providers, Maroc Telecom and INWI, and your Sahara Atlas Tours driver-guide will help you do this.  You may need to show your passport for identification when purchasing one.

It’s probably best to buy one that uses pay-as-you-go top-up cards, which are widely available throughout the country at small stores and kiosks.  Just remember when you buy a top-up card that you need to specify if you want it:

  • for national calls
  • for national calls + internet access
  • for national and international calls
  • for national and international calls + internet access.

Again, your Sahara Atlas Tours driver-guide will help you if need it.

So – save yourself a lot of money and keep in touch with your loved ones at home!