The power supply in Morocco is the same as in Continental Europe: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. So you’ll need to bring power adaptors.

Moroccan plug sockets are designed for European plugs with two round pins.  So if you have devices or appliances with British, US or Australian plugs, you’ll need to bring power adaptors with you.  You can always buy these at your departure airport when you are on your way to Morocco, but generally they can be found cheaper in local stores or from online sellers before you leave home.

Moroccan hotel rooms often have very few power sockets, and they are not always easily accessible!  So if you are travelling with a number of devices that will need a power supply (phone, tablet, laptop, camera battery, electric shaver etc.), it can be very useful to bring a 4-point extension lead for your home power supply.  You then need only one travel adaptor for the extension lead, and you can plug all your devices into this.

It is worth being aware that in more remote areas, such as the mountains or desert, there are occasional power cuts.  Sunday mornings are a typical time for electrical power to be cut off for a few hours for maintenance or repair – so make sure you charge everything you need overnight on Saturday!