There is a lot of competition among tour agencies, and Sahara Atlas Tours won’t give you the cheapest quotes out there. So why choose us to provide your tour?

First of all, Sahara Atlas Tours offers a very high level of service, as you can see from our TripAdvisor reviews and the awards we have won.  Our hand-picked driver-guides will take great care of you, and will share their in-depth knowledge of Morocco, its people, history, and culture with you to enrich your experience.  They are as flexible en route as possible, trying to tailor each day to your preferences.  This is what makes Sahara Atlas Tours really special.

Secondly, trustworthiness is everything in Morocco, and you can rely on Sahara Atlas Tours for that.  Some other agencies offer lower prices, and will even name very good hotels in your itinerary – but when you arrive, the driver will tell you the hotel has overbooked the rooms and then take you to a cheaper, lower-quality hotel. Not a nice experience, and not what you paid for… Sahara Atlas Tours will always take you to the hotels we have agreed with you for your itinerary, and there will be no nasty surprises.

Then there are no hidden extras with Sahara Atlas Tours.  Other companies may offer a lower price for your tour, but you will end up paying more – and possibly having unpleasant experiences – as their drivers will drag you into shops for hours, trying to get you to buy souvenirs, carpets and so on, so they can earn commission.  Sahara Atlas Tours driver-guides will gladly give you advice on where to shop for things you may want, but they will never take you into tourist traps like this.  So we offer genuine value for money.

Lastly, we are a small family business, and operate with small profit margins.  As you will see on our “About Us” page, Sahara Atlas Tours also practices ethical tourism.  We contribute a lot to helping our local communities, which are poor, and to projects which will really benefit them, such as the first ever professionally-run pre-school creche that we recently helped to found in our village.